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Supply Management and Planning

Management process and (planning) :-

This section is the heart of the company who is on several projects in cooperation with other departments for improving the production process and arrange deliveries to customers that we have the best specialists of engineers to lead the process in the different lines are always informed about the latest trends and technological developments in this area. We have taken the time to train them to work as a team and take independent decisions about their work. The theme of this section is nothing more than mind working as one unit is also hosting A coherent and always solve the problems that may arise from time to time to follow up and guidance of Chairman of the Board Eng / Mustafa Mohamed Ibrahim personally This administration and follow-up of the various projects to improve the productivity of production lines and various modifications to the process to stay in sync with the changing times Keen also director-general Mr. / Taha Mohamed Ibrahim to improve the performance of periodic and procurement for the purchase of the best pieces brands to maintain the quality of the machines and product quality

Marketing :-

The polls of the markets and areas surrounding the company in search of new opportunities to attract customers also meet various customers in order to receive feedback and understand their needs, which in turn allows for the development of custom made products to develop new products, therefore, be a continuous process in collaboration with the departments of sales and production And processes as well as customers and members of the target audience and other specialists in the field of product development.

Sales and after sales service :-

Keen Mr. / Ahmed Mohamed Ibrahim, director in charge of increasing the number of customers, especially after-sales service So he chose the best representatives of the company's sales and customer service is always to enjoy the satisfaction of the client company The best to respond to automated switches and transfer the caller to the wants and the latest computer technology via a Email and e-mail, faxes, and transformations communication and transfers of banks and stores easily recognized by Best warehouse managers and accountants