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Quality Management System

Quality Assurance :-

Became an engineering company to form a metal based on quality and continuous improvement, and holds a standardization of measurement in 2011 In addition, the company is committed to compliance to safety and occupational health and environmental regulations To obtain a certificate of civil defense, health professional in 2011 Our goal is to achieve customer satisfaction by meeting customer requirements both internally and externally. The plan is developed by the internal audit team of employees throughout the company to ensure compliance with quality standards at all times. As part of its commitment to continuous improvement and management projects the company follows the overall quality of the company always rewarded and develop for the company and customer service 

Quality Control :-

Conducted an inspection of the quality of a very effective system of inspection of raw materials are received for analysis of the compliance certificates of origin And the inspection process on the final product by a team of qualified personnel to comply with international standards: EN10111, EN10130, EN10131, EN10051, EN10025, EN10142, EN10143 and EN10169. Tests are conducted chemical and mechanical laboratories to ensure the availability of the post where the tests as required and calibrated to measure the quality services in facilities Therefore, we carefully choose the best suppliers (We do not accept flawed - to product flawed - flawed to delivery)

Objectives :-

The company hopes always to get the customer satisfaction in full has recruited the company's product development team and quality engineering outside the boundaries of international standards and develop a guide for clients examine the quality that is geared to the specific details and needs of each client, and thus keep the company always holds more than expected customer